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October Social

DD Ben Farnsworth, announcing at the podium, that Council #6344 has won the the Columbian Award









Doug Bartlett, our guest speaker, speaking about the Coast Guard Auxiliary


Picture of Father Duong being introduced and standing up to acknowledge the guests who are applauding him at the Social






DSCN4284 (1)

GK John Caltabiano presenting Knight of the Month to SK Joe Domiano






DSCN4285 (1)

GK John Caltabiano presenting the Family of the Month to SK William and Lady Jane Lewis












DD Ben Farnsworth presenting the Columbian Award to FN Joe Fatony PGK






GK John Caltabiano and Father Duong drawing the 50/50 raffle tickets






Father Duong checking the winning ticket of the 50/50 winner