October Social 2018


Presenting award to SK Dan Moll PFN.
WFN John and WGK Joe presenting the Sir Knight of the month award to SK John Caltabiano
WGK Joe presenting the Knight of the month award to SK Joe Domiano who is also celebrating his 90th birthday at the social
WGK Joe presenting the Family of the Year award to SK Dennis and Lady Joan Pidherny at the K of C Social.
AwardWGK Joe presenting the award for family of the month. SK San and Lady Mickey Flynn.
SK Joe Domiano cutting the cake as we celebrate his 90th birthday at the social.
Dr. Portu is the speaker at our social. He spoke about the new improvements coming soon to Veterans park.
SK Bill Christ at the social. Chef and all around
generous Knight with his time for the success of many of the Knights events