Grand Knight, Ben Farnsworth, Shares this email and photos

To:   Ben Farnsworth
From: Jose Granda
Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014
Re:   Emailing Italy 2014

Ben attached are pictures that we took the day we spent with Peter at the
Seminary and the Vatican in Rome. I'll explain the pictures below:
#19- Picture taken from the roof of Peter's Seminary in Rome with the
Vatican in the background. From left are: Jack Drobnick (Knight), Joe
Granda, Peter Vale, John Arceri (Knight), Liliana Arceri, Joe Batte
(Knight), Anne Batte, Eunice Drobnick, Alice Calavera (Widow of former
Knight), Pam Cote (Alice's daughter), Maria Granda.
#21 Picture of Peter receiving the Knight of the month award at a restaurant
in Rome where we took him and several other seminarians from the State of
#22 Another picture of Peter receiving the award from our Council given to
him on your behalf.
#23 Picture of Peter and I hugging each other after I presented him with the
check from our Council.
#24 Peter showing the envelope with the check from our Council.
We had a great time with Peter and his friends from the Seminary. We went to
Mass with him to the Panteon in the morning, this is a very rare treat.
After lunch we went to the Vatican where we went to the Swiss guards
quarters and into the private chapel of the Pope where we had been invited
to witnessed a ceremony performed by the one of the 3 Cardinals in charge of
St. Peter's to promote one of Peter's friend from LIchtechstein that was
being, promoted I guess, to the highest level of Monsignor before becoming a
Bishop. Afterwards, in his honor we were asked to join a Mass at St. Peter's
Basilica, reserved for dignitaries and a lot of red hats that afternoon. The
Knights of Columbus Council #6344 was well represented at the Mass. We ended
going to Mass twice that day. The Mass was magnificent, in Latin like the
old days, the Homily was in Italian and not as good as Fr. Tim even though
it was given by the main Cardinal in charge of the Basilica. Peter will
become a transitional deacon in October 2016 and the ceremony will be done
at St. Peter's Basilica and he has invited all of us to attend. Our group is
planning on being there with Peter, maybe other Council members would also
like to participate. 
Peter is finishing his final exams for this year this week and will be
leaving soon for Scandinavia where he has been assigned to a local church
for the summer. Please let me know if you have any questions. Joe